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Born in a small town in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Tiffany Pilon studied art and communication, theater and cinema from 2009 to 2011 at College Montmorency and Lassalle Conservatory in Montreal. In addition, a training in sewing in 2013 add to her bow in the world of fashion to make her own clothes and costumes for shows. Her multiple multidisciplinary talents, allows her to leave her job as a waitress day to day in order to live from her art in 2012. She chooses to paint in a barn and make it her studio; a place where she gets in touch with the fragile part of her soul that allows her to create and be in a state of release, to be away from the mold of society. She paints in a barn that reminds her of a part of her youth where she lived in the countryside in Saint-Elie-de-Caxton and Saint-Paulin, to return to her source. With a nomadic and creative spirit, she is always in search of discovery and freedom.

To create without following social rules is what inspires Tiffany to share the moment of her brushstrokes, from sculpted clay to her canvas, from the expression of the pure moment of her own self-taught technique '' Distorted Paintings ''.

Artist at heart, entrepreneur and businesswoman Tiffany Pilon founded the company Distorted Paintings in 2012, StadiumCoo in 2019 and her fashion house SC Canada Inc. in 2020 with her ally Chitta Phengrasmy, they decided to serve and manufacture clothing collections to their customers. The artist with multidisciplinary talents touches several mediums such as music composition, singing, writing, fashion that brings a complete theme through its conceptual exhibitions which she uses through these shows dictated eccentric and marginal.

In 2013, she created a collection called "Museum Spectrum" which reminds us of certain Egyptian and mysterious creations through its monumental paintings, which caused a sensation at the Crystal Hotel during its exhibition. She is invited as an artist to the APPOLO Gala Woman in Business in 2013 in addition to participating in prestigious events such as; Opus Eventi for ArtMonaco '15 (Monaco, 2015), Automobilart for the Formula 1 Grand Prix '13 (Montreal, 2013) and Rally Maya (Mexico, 2017), Gallery 203 for Old-Montreal's District Society (Montreal, 2013),  Veuve Clicquot for the Yelloweek (Montreal, 2013) and YellowArt (Toronto, 2014), the association with Hotel Le Crystal for her collection The Museum's Spectra (Montreal, 2013),  Brocollini for Distorted Paintings Artistic Series (Montreal, 2013),  Faubourg Martigny for Architectural Immersion (St-Jerome, 2013),  Hotel Europa for The White Entrance (Montreal, 2013),  Venice Art House for The Labyrinth (Italy, 2015), with Château Taillefer Lafon for Artistic Royalties (Laval, 2016) and many more.

Her dimensional, sculptural, crystal-capped artworks with an array of textures are translated as a raw art form. Coming from a fantastic and spiritual universe of other dimensions, she conveys a depth through her works that reminds us of the cosmos and the craters of distant planets. She creates fantastic and divine realms, painting darkness into light. She transposes parallel dimensions and distorted characters tinted with flamboyant color, adorned with gold papers to a distorted effect without social scale of beauty. She passes a message through each work of art that leads her interlocutor to study, observe and understand each sign she creates through these works of art.

Always in constant evolution and in search of new discoveries, she transposes her experiences and travels through these textural and dimensional artworks under a look of continuous growth and constructive exploration.

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