Tiffany Pilon is a contemporary painter and sculptor born on January 7th, 1989 in Deux-Montagnes in Quebec, Canada. She has studied arts & communication program at Montmorency College and performed theater & cinema at Lassalle Conservatory. One day to another as a waitress, she decided to quit her job to mainly focus her attention in visual art and make a living out of her paintings by the very beginning of 2012. As an experimenter at that time, she was working her three dimensional approach on canvas by exploring many different materials to produce an exaggerated and sophisticated effect while diving in the depth of textures which led her to create her personal sculptural technique that is still remaining today. Her life and her art, is now a transition from anger to joy, from roughness to sensitivity and from aggressiveness to calmness while she communicates the contrast between light and darkness. 



She shortly started to exhibit her artworks with the collaboration of many associates such as the Prader-Willi Association for The Majestic Golf Tournament (Rawdon, 2012), with  Automobilart for the Formula 1 Grand Prix ’13 (Montreal, 2013) and Rally Maya (Mexico, 2017), with Gallery 203 for Old-Montreal’s District Society (Montreal, 2013), in addition to Veuve Clicquot for the Yelloweek (Montreal, 2013) and YellowArt (Toronto, 2014), the association with Hotel Le Crystal for her collection The Museum's Spectra (Montreal, 2013), with Brocollini for Distorted Paintings Artistic Series (Montreal, 2013), with Faubourg Martigny for Architectural Immersion (St-Jerome, 2013), with Hotel Europa for The White Entrance (Montreal, 2013), with Venice Art House for The Labyrinth (Italy, 2015), with Opus Eventi for ArtMonaco ’15 (Monaco, 2015), with Château Taillefer Lafon for Artistic Royalties (Laval, 2016) and many more.


As a multidisciplinary artist, she raised her abilities in fashion design in creating unique and royal pieces of clothing as a representation of her universe for her conceptual exhibitions. Afterward, she pursued her writing sessions for theatrical and cinematographic scenario on the light and darkness theme. 

In 2016, she collaborated amongst science teachers of the University De Montreal for art & technology in relation to quantum energy as a direction to new inventions, special effect and futurist entertainment projects.

A R T I S T I C   A P P R O A C H



Tiffany Pilon expresses her personal touch with robust textures, by meaningful energetic dimensions that she has discovered and by the feelings in her life experience, she sculpts on canvas several designs in order to make a three-dimensional, exaggerated and a deep effect. Naturally attracted by ornate materials, she uses mostly gold finish in addition to having each of her artworks framed in a majestic and royal combination for her taste toward castles and kingdom of spirituality. In majority, depending of her moment of inspiration, she uses several type of mixed materials such as clay, acrylic paint, crystals, epoxy, ornate leafs, glass, acrylic pearls, iron wires on different bases as canvas, wooden panels or metallic structures. In constant progression, Tiffany Pilon is demonstrating the magic, the law of the universe, the story of the soul, the power of human being, the beauty of the nature, the fertilization, quantum energy and the imaginary of several personalities. She is bringing the viewer to read and understand the divine messages to increase the self-awareness.


Being naturally multidisciplinary, she is always thriving to reach the highest of her abilities in having big imagination for creating and opening through many other disciplines such as writing cinematographic and theatrical scenarios, singing, producing music and fashion designing. She expresses the fruit of her artistic universe in reuniting all disciplines together to a wholeness.


In all forms of textures, Tiffany Pilon's work reminds us of raw cosmic craters where we can discern a glimmer of magic and brilliance as well as a dark side by highlighting the contrast between unhealthy energies and light, between imprisonment and liberation. She is communicating through her theatrical and spiritual themes, king and captain as well as masters and guides who are at the forefront with their personal stories and divine meanings.